Tyron Woodley’s issues with the UFC are well chronicled. He has made more headlines for his war of words with Dana White than for his octagon prowess. The latest instalment in the Woodley vs White saga took place this past weekend.

Tyron successfully defended his UFC welterweight title against Darren Till with a second round submission. The promotion were pushing Till due to his exciting style and marketability; Dana White looked visibly irritated that Woodley retained.

An intriguing revelation regarding the situation comes from the latest episode of The Big Brown Breakdown. During his recap of UFC 228, Brendan Schaub revealed just how deep the grudge runs. 

Schaub claims that Woodley is disliked in the promotion as a whole. Schaub cites an insider source who heard a top executive voicing hopes that Woodley would lose. The majority of UFC officials are apparently ‘rooting’ for him to lose the belt.

This is no doubt the reason that Woodley has not received a superfight opportunity despite achieving more than some that have. The welterweight titlist is one of the best talents in the UFC’s ranks. It is a shame that the offices want to take the wind out of his sails.

Woodley could be a big star if he was marketed correctly. Unfortunately he often refuses to hype his fights. This is of course due to his treatment within the company. The situation is one vicious cycle. Hopefully both sides can reach common ground soon.

Source: Brendan Schaub