Disney are set to make an unprecedented move with their forthcoming streaming service. Disney Play will exclusively stream Marvel spin-off TV shows, featuring the actors that play them in the movies.

We have seen Marvel characters appear in streaming shows before. Netflix’s original content catalogue includes ‘Iron Fist’; ‘Luke Cage and ‘Daredevil’.

However, Marvel execs expressly stated that MCU characters would not appear in the street level Netflix shows. Perhaps Disney and Marvel have had this project in the works for a while, holding their big screen stars back for it.

Scarlet Witch will receive her own mini-series, as will Loki. Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston will star.

Central characters like Captain America and Iron Man will not see spin-off shows. However, the shows that will be produced are going to have huge budgets. This is exciting news for Marvel fans.

Source: ScreenRant