News broke last week that USADA have handed Jon Jones a lenient sentencing of fifteen months retroactive. The US Anti-Doping Agency suspended Jones for fifteen months despite being on his second positive test, citing ‘substantial assistance’ as the reason for their leniency.

It is worth noting that the panel at Jones’ recent hearing were also satisfied that he had not intentionally cheated. For observers, there were implications on the reputation of both parties.

The situation indicated that USADA will go easy on suspected drugs cheats if they have something to gain. It also appears that Jones has turned other athletes in to the agency for his own gain. The news comes off the back of a move by WADA to allow Russia back into the Olympics.

Following the backlash, Malki Kawa appeared on Ariel Helwani’s call-in show. Kawa, Jones’ manager, clarified that he did not sell anyone out to USADA.

MMA Junkie have since reported further details, per a USADA official. “Importantly, if the athlete or support personnel fails to continue to cooperate and provide credible substantial assistance, USADA will reinstate original sanction”.

A fighter’s manager has gone on record to say that his client is not an informant for the doping program. USADA have responded, essentially saying he has to be.

USADA are in effect holding Jones to ransom, forcing him to remain an agency shill. This is huge.

Source: MMA Junkie