You may have noticed a lack of fitness related posts on the site lately. The reason behind this is that I have been injured. I badly damaged my shoulders when I was training for a powerlifting competition.

As a result, I had to pull-out of the comp and focus mainly on core work. This was obviously very frustrating. However, as I was searching for an exercise to train hard at, without aggravating my injury, I found biking.

I have been biking along the coastal paths and hills near my house. I am loving it and find it to be a great all-round exercise. It is of course cardio work but it is also a power exercise when you are tackling inclines.

Although my legs are not as big as they were when I was squatting heavy weight, they are much leaner. My quads and calves are more cut and veined than ever.

Surprisingly, it actually works some of your upper body as well. When riding over tough terrain, up hills and against the wind, you will find that you are using your whole body.

I also find biking very beneficial for my mental health. It is uplifting and energising to get outside in nature first thing in the morning. The endorphins are flowing and your free, you can take off for a while. You are literally propelling yourself forward, there is something in that; some genetic imperative to make progress.

You can go for a bike ride at any time, it is not dependant on gym opening hours. If like me you are looking for something new to focus on, I urge you to give biking a try. Like anything, it takes practice but you will feel a sense of achievement as you progress.

Image credit: Off Road