Former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has spoken out about his recent dealings with USADA. Werdum revealed some intriguing information in what has already been a divisive couple of months for the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

As reported here on September 25th, Jon Jones was handed a lenient sentence that would see him eligible to return in October. The light punishment for his UFC 214 positive test was due to ‘substantial assistance’.

Jones got off lightly for presenting USADA with information useful to their investigations. Contrary to his manager’s claims, Jones must continue to do so.

Werdum has now revealed that he was offered the same informant deal, which he refused. Werdum was suspended until spring 2020 for a positive test of Trenbolone. The same PED is used by bodybuilders to speed up muscle growth.

It is worth noting that the former champion denies taking the drug. “Whenever they wanted to test me I was at their disposal”. Nevertheless, if USADA were willing to cover up a Trenbolone test for Werdum’s ‘substantial assistance’, what did they hide with Jones?

Brett Okamoto revealed last week that positive test will not be revealed until a conclusion has been reached. There are good and bad aspects to this.

The positive is that fighters will not be tarred with the ‘cheater’ brush until proven guilty. The negative side of it is that positive test could be kept from the public until after a lucrative bout.

Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 return was a potential example of this. He was given a several month testing ‘exemption’ and tested positive after the bout. This brought USADA under scrutiny.

The political intrigue surrounding doping and WADA continues.

Sources: Combate, MMA Junkie & ESPN