The record producer that discovered Oasis, Primal Scream and managed The Happy Mondays is about to embark on a tour of talks across the country.

Alan McGee is also the producer behind big name bands like Super Furry Animals and Bullet For My Valentine.

McGee is a significant figure in both entertainment and politics. He was recruited in 1997 to lead the charge on a Labour Party media campaign as they aimed to appeal to younger constituents. This may be the reason behind the public backing Oasis gave Labour.

McGee and his label, Creation Records have been the subject of numerous documentaries, books and interviews, exploring their rise to power.

An Evening with Alan McGee will give an insight into his career and relationship with the iconic bands he supported in the background.

On the night, he will be interviewed by Rob Fiddaman, an author, journalist and Britpop expert.

Tour dates include: The Thunderbolt, Bristol; The Studio, Hartlepool and Opium No 10 in Barnsley. Visit for more details.