One of the many athletes set to take part in the London Marathon 2019 is William Cunningham who has overcome alcoholism and has struggled to get a place in the marathon for 10 years.

He said: “After gaining a place in this year’s marathon through the ballot after failing for the last 10 years, I’m running for Macmillan Cancer Support.”

“I have run it 3 times before through charity places for Asthma UK but the amount you need to raise puts a lot of pressure on you with all the training.”

However, his local athletics club has helped him rise to the occasion: “Since I joined Cumberland AC, it has made me a better runner and all the coaches at the club have been amazing.”

William added that running and fitness has benefited his mental health and life in general: “I started running to keep me fit and focused after winning my battle against alcohol and it has just become part of my weekly life.”

He said: “The support I get from my family is a driving force also that helps me along as well as the support and advice I get from Cumberland coaches and fellow runners.”

This is just one of the inspiring stories involved in the April 28 London Marathon and an example of how fitness can improve our quality of life.