Acclaimed rock band Biffy Clyro have released their latest offering, the soundtrack to Hollywood drama: ‘Balance Not Symmetry.’

The coming-of-age movie stars Kate Dickie, Laura Harrier and Shauna MacDonald.

Biffy Clyro’s lead singer Simon Neil wrote the full soundtrack for the movie alongside the director, Jamie Adams.

Biffy’s frontman said: “On meeting Jamie, we realised early on that we’d both dealt with grief at a relatively young age and so it was interesting to talk about how we’d both dealt with it and the effect it had on us and this is the main crux of the film, delving into the lonely world of grief and loss and coming out the other side.”

‘Balance Not Symmetry’ tells the story of protagonist Caitlin, played by Laura Harrier, who has moved to Scotland following her father’s death to complete her art degree.

The full soundtrack to ‘Balance Not Symmetry’, composed and performed by Biffy Clyro is out now, along with a video for the title track. Jamie Adams’ exploration of grief and relationships will be released on July 26.