British rock icon Liam Gallagher has given a sneak preview of his latest single, ‘Shockwave’.

The lyrics of the track are like the drums of war, heralding an oncoming coming storm.

“You sold me down the river, you had to hold me back.

“You could’ve lived for sunshine but you had to paint the whole thing black.”

“It’s coming round like a shockwave!”

Gallagher’s latest single which will drop on June 7, is the first wave of a chart blockbuster – if the first solo album is anything to go off.

Shockwave was written by Liam, in collaboration with Andrew Wyatt, winner of an Academy Award for ‘Shallow’ from the soundtrack of ‘A Star is Born.’ He also worked with Liam and the producer of ‘Shockwave’, Greg Kurstin, on ‘As You Were.’

Liam said: “I’m buzzing. Buzzing to be alive, buzzing to be making tunes, raring to go.

“It’s nice to be back with some new music because it means I can get out there, play some gigs and give some people some stick because that is what I do.

“Let’s face it, it’s boring without me.”