STRENGTH team West Cumberland Barbell and clients of the Just Grind Strength and Conditioning programme are hitting huge PRs.

West Cumberland Barbell is a new team that train in powerlifting and strongman exercises, with plans to compete later in the year; they train out of Just Grind MMA & Fitness Centre as well as Eat Train Live.


Powerlifting champion from Workington, Ryan McClure set a new record on Just Grind’s strongman log. Although he was only at the gym to drop his children off for a class, the explosive athlete casually knocked out 14 reps of overhead press on the log.

Liam Ferguson, who is currently training under Dave Straughton on the Just Grind Strength and Conditioning programme, squatted 190kg with ease.

Screenshot_20190817-183137 (2).png

He made the personal best squat look easy, even after plenty of sets on lower weights. One week prior, he rag-dolled a 180kg deadlift for an easy PB.

In the same session I got a PB of 110kg at 62kg bodyweight – the double bodyweight squat is in sight.

Marc ‘Bulk’ Walker attained a PR of his own when he bench pressed 180kg. Before training on Straughton’s strength programme, his personal best on the lift was 160kg.


And the man behind the Just Grind Strength and Conditioning programme has hit a milestone of his own today. Straughton hit a 200kg safety bar squat. West Cumberland Barbell’s Ben Nixon joined him in the early morning training session.

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