ATHLETES of Just Grind MMA and Fitness Centre are using strongman training to make big improvements be it in sports and combat performance or just to improve their physical fitness.

The long term combat sports gym has installed equipment for strongman and powerlifting including: barbells and a squat rack; a strongman log, natural stones and frames for heavy farmer’s walks.

As well as barbell lifts, athletes at the Cumbrian gym take on strongman circuits. On Saturday West Cumberland Barbell, who operate out of the gym were put through their paces with an intense circuit after heavy snatch grip deadlifts.

The circuit involved heavy farmer’s walks up and down the hall, followed by dragging a mass – two punch bags, a grappling dummy and two 25kg plates. The finisher was loading a 62kg sandbag onto a platform.

I am benefiting from strength training at Just Grind for my combat sports training. Powerlifting and strongman exercises help build speed and power, without putting on a lot of muscle. I can get stronger while still making my weight class.

The focus of the training is to complete the exercises as quickly and explosively as possible, so you don’t get the muscle building of time-under-tension.

The core principle of powerlifting and strongman is: Force = Mass x Acceleration

Another Just Grind fighter who is benefiting from this principle is boxing prospect Alex Nicholson. Last month 2-0 Nicholson stopped his opponent in round 3 at Clash of the Titans 24.

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