POWERLIFTER Marc ‘Bulk’ Walker smashed his gym’s weight record 3 times last night.

Bulk has made vast strength improvements on coach Dave Straughton’s strength and conditioning programme.

In his latest session at Just Grind MMA and Fitness Centre last night, he was deadlifting from block with a trap bar, with the intention to chase heavy weights and personal best lifts.

And he deadlifted 260kg, a first for the gym on any lift. The closest anyone has come to that kind of weight was all-round athlete Drew Gough with a 250kg deadlift on a conventional bar.

Bulk moved 260kg with ease, getting the bit between his teeth he decided to go for 280kg, which flew, shaking the whole gym when it touched down.

Coach Straughton was amazed at the speed of the pull and realised there was a 300kg deadlift in his client.

Bulk lifted the 300 in the first time of asking. And there was more left in the tank.

On the top set, he deadlifted 310kg for a single, off the blocks on a trap bar. The exact weight of the bar is unknown so the lift could quite easily be 315kg.

The man behind the Just Grind Strength and Conditioning Programme, Dave Straughton said: “I never thought I’d see someone move that kind of weight so quickly, not this early in my weights coaching career.”

The lifts have proven to be an inspiration to many at the powerlifting, combat sports and fitness gym. With a powerlifting meet coming up in 6 weeks, the athletes of Just Grind will be pushed on by Walker’s success here.