BBC’S new TV adaptation of His Dark Materials is off to a strong start.

Although it falls short at times, producers have taken the ideas of Philip Pullman’s sci-fi fantasy series and translated it into high brow event television.

It takes ques from Game of Thrones as well as many of Britain’s best TV shows and films over the years.

That said it is wholly unqiue. It is fascinating to see that world realised in terrestrial TV and the small screen.

It captures that electic mixture of tone and genre found in the source material. His Dark Materials feels like a real journey.

When the big bad has clandestine meetings in our world it feels like a British crime drama; Luther, Line of Duty etc.

Back in the land of daemons and witches, it feels like spirited Harry Potter style adventure.

Some of the dialogue feels hokey at times but the heavyweight actors carry the gravitas to play it off.

Some stunning visuals that capture the imaginagtion and bring that fascinating world to life. The tear between the two worlds in particular.

The deamons are gorgeous and the directors use them for emotional effect.

The changes make sense, certain details are given away in the early episodes that don’t come out until the end of the first book. This keeps the plot ticking along like the fated arms of the alethiometer.