Art can lift us up and make us better.

Bruce Willis bench pressing tons of weight in Unbreakable is an iconic and motivational scene that makes you FEEL strong.

Documentaries like Eddie Strongman and Born Strong do the same. In Born Strong we follow the best strongmen in the world as they prepare for the Arnold Classic.

In a very motivational scene, all-time strongman great Zydrunas Zavickas trains the bowls of an old sports stadium.

Every athlete has been motivated by scene, be it the Hearts on Fire Scene from Rocky IV, the windsprints from Friday Night Lights or a call to arms speech from Lord of the Rings.

MMA and boxing documentaries are big part of what made me come back to boxing and starting competing. At this stage it might be what I am best at.

From watching Limitless, the tale in which a man discovers a secret pill to unlock the brain’s full potential, as well as the criminal underworld that revolves around it – you feel sharper.

It’s as if, like Bradley Cooper’s character, you can be more productive, you can supercharge your life – turn it all around in a day and manifest your destiny.

However, some art doesn’t NEED to teach us something. It can just be comforting while being just as worthwhile.

The work of Irish artist, Blindboy is like a zen trip into strange and fascinating corners of the world. He seems to have an ability to tap into your imagination, making you forget about the book in your hands.

Or if you are listening to his music or podcast, the player. You feel like you are in safe hands with Blindboy, he welcomes you into a cosy place to hear about the secrets of the mind and the human condition.

Guillermo del Toro directed the deliciously soothing Shape of Water and in behind the scenes interviews described his intentions as:

“Sometimes you think this life is not what it’s supposed to be. But then some Sunday afternoon movie comes along and you are saved.”

Jurassic Park, iconic Christmas movie Home Alone and sci-fi family classic Back To The Future make us feel like everything is going to be alright.

The Harry Potter films have a similar Christmassy vibe. They take you on a fantasy journey but they tackle real issues, helping you get to a good place with your own.

Never feel the guilt of inactivity for taking in art, art of any kind. The point of life is to enjoy it while you can.