EXTRA TRAINING sessions are great for your psychology as well as your skills.

I feel in a great place with my combat sports career at the minute, despite not having a fight currently lined-up until April.

Psychologically I feel dialled in, chomping at the bit to fight and completely focussed on fighting.

I trained right through Christmas, making lots of improvements in kickboxing, I was motivated to do that so that I can hopefully have a K1 fight this year.

The training over Christmas was fairly relaxed but now that the club’s boxing show has been announced for April, sessions are heating up.

In addition to the hard fitness sessions and high-pace sparring rounds we are doing, I am continuing kickboxing training.

On top of this I’m doing extra training sessions, be it running, powerlifting or hitting a bag in an empty gym on a Sunday morning.

Yesterday morning I did some strongman training outdoors with the West Cumberland Barbell lads.

This morning I hit bags with all strikes, blasting the songs that make me think about fighting.

It’s great for your fight psyche and it feels great to gear up and improve on a day when you might not have otherwise.

I feel like I’ve made a ton of improvements lately in both boxing and kickboxing, I’m getting into great flow states in sparring.

It’s this that makes me want to fight before April. It would be good to get a boxing match in on an away show before a bout on the home show, Clash of the Titans in April.

Until then I’ll keep working hard, making improvements and living for the sport.