Good Omens is fun, upbeat and witty. But it is emotive and profound when it needs to be.

Following an angel and a demon, all powerful and eternal, it has the freedom to take the audience anywhere, any when.

It does Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, authors of the source material, justice.

It gets you feeling in a good place with it’s imaginative concepts, lovable characters and cosy settings.

Here are just some of the witty and powerful lines of dialogue…

At the scene of Christ’s sacrifice –

The demon Crowley: “What is it he said that got everyone so upset?”

Angel Azraphael: “Be kind to eachother.”

Crowley: “Ah yeah, that’ll do it”

At the great flood –

Crowley: “That’s something you’d expect our lot to do.”

Crowley: “I didn’t fall I just sauntered vaguely downwards.”

I bought the series in a beautiful two disc slipcase edition which comes with a set of art cards and plenty of extras which I can’t wait to dive into.