THE SEQUEL to one of Stephen King’s most iconic novels can help you conquer your fears and the anxieties that are troubling you.

Doctor Sleep, the sequel to Stephen King’s horror masterpiece The Shining, includes a ton of valuable life lessons.

Despite being a horror novel, Doctor Sleep includes themes of mental strength such as stoicism and mindfulness.

In this way, reading and watching fiction is never a waste of time. The plot and concepts can be incredibly far-fetched and other-worldly but it doesn’t mean there can’t be real themes and lessons in there.

Stephen King’s writing, particularly Doctor Sleep I think, expands your mind. We live inside the heads of his well written characters, giving us an idea of how different people live and think.

I feel my brain power and perception increasing when King writes about ‘The Shine’. In the world of Doctor Sleep and The Shining, some people have psychic abilities as well as a hyper-sensitivity to the paranornal and karmic energy.

Danny Torrance’s mentor in this area teaches him a technique to rid himself of the evil spirits that he can perceive and it is a great metaphor for conquering fear.

Danny is to use his mental abilities to create a mental locker for the negative spirits and the fear that they bring, he faces them, overcomes that fear and locks the negativity away.

This is a technique that works in conquering anxiety. Take the negative feelings associated with something, put them away and move on.

That isn’t to say you should bottle those feelings up and push them to the back of your mind. He has to confront them and do something proactive about them rather than living in fear.

Fiction is a powerful thing that can motivate and teach us things. Stephen King’s writing can get me feeling in a good place mentally and anything that does that for you, no matter how unorthodox it might seem to others, is a good thing for you.