It’s also important to watch exceptional, hard working and skilled individuals if you want to be like that yourself, even when it’s in a different  field.

You can do that by watching Jaoquin Phoenix in this film. His performance is incredibly layered. You can actually read the different emotions crossing his face and see the inner conflict his character is going through.

Stephen King

I feel my brain power and perception increasing when King writes about ‘The Shine’. In the world of Doctor Sleep and The Shining, some people have psychic abilities as well as a hyper-sensitivity to the paranornal and karmic energy.

Danny Torrance’s mentor in this area teaches him a technique to rid himself of the evil spirits that he can perceive and it is a great metaphor for conquering fear.

Danny is to use his mental abilities to create a mental locker for the negative spirits and the fear that they bring, he faces them, overcomes that fear and locks the negativity away.

This is a technique that works in conquering anxiety. Take the negative feelings associated with something, put them away and move on.

David Lynch

I first discovered the work of David Lynch through his iconic mystery TV show, Twin Peaks.

I was instantly spellbound by it’s completley unique style. I had never before seen a TV show or film that was deliberately confusing and obtuse, with so much beneath the surface.

It is pure escapism with it’s bizzarre concepts, stunning setting, soothing music and performances that can frighten amuse or fascinate.
Twin Peaks then got me on to Lynch’s back catelogue of films, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway.

Lynch used the same techniques in his movies as you see in Twin Peaks but he is able to push it further. He fully challenges the audience showing us images that make us anxious and uncomfortable.

Lynch encourages lateral thinking in his art, bringing out your creative side, making you feel in a good place. However, at the same time he encourages us to be open minded and challenges us.

Don’t forget the incredible soundtracks from Angelo Badalamenti which have this effect on their own. The iconic Twin Peaks score is a treat to the ears even on the 2000th listen.

Hans Zimmer

His movie soundtrack’s create a landscape in your imagination. They can somehow take on the traits of a story, character or concept and they can absolutely make you FEEL.

Zimmer’s soundtrack for Intestellar is the best study, writing or mindfulness music you could hope for. It relaxes and motivates you in equal measure, with the potency of your first ever coffee.

Doctor Who

It’s that simple good versus evil premise ultimately, but many of it’s stories are great pieces of TV that stand on their own.

Some of Steven Moffat’s episodes of the new era, and plenty of Classic Who are massively high concept.

The great scripts bring the best out of the actors and with an always beautiful soundtrack, it is pure escapism of the best kind.
It’s wistful, uplifting making you feel like you are capable of something more.

Theses pieces of art and writing mentioned all get you feeling in a good place mentally which is always a  valuable use of your time.