Something a little different today. I am playing We Happy Few for the first time and I thought I would give you my first thoughts as I play through.

Straight away I love the art style and this world that feels both unique and familiar at the same time.

You can really empathise with the main character’s feelings of disillusionment. He wants out of this system that has him removing any non-sanitised material from the media.

The controls and camera are a little stiff but that can be forgiven.

This isn’t a game that you rush through. It’s world is lovingly crafted and full of nuance. It needs to be taken in properly.

The story works in unison with gameplay. And what a story idea it is.
A world where any emotion other than maniac happiness is outlawed. Citzens of this town are forced to take ‘Joy’, a psychotropic drug that stops them from seeing the dark reality of the world they live in.

It’s quaint and British with cosy visuals but realistic themes that are a social commentary.

The full game mechanics appear after the more story driven intro. We Happy Few swaps obviously gamey elements for detailed animations immersing you further into the experience.

The game is really hitting it’s straight now that I am out in the open world. We stumble across a home with a child’s crib and old toys there.
The soundtrack starts to chime in with the tune of a nursery rhyme but when we go upstairs it turns out the music is coming from a record player.

Little notes and drawings on the wall tell some of the story that happened there. Little pieces of craftsmenship like that make games like this so good.

I can already tell I am going to get lost in the story and world of We Happy Few.