It is a shame that The Outer Worlds is somewhat overlooked and under-appreciated as it is to my mind one of the better gaming works of last year.

If you have a bit more time on your hands and let’s be honest, at the minute we do, give this one a whirl.

Dive into the backwater taverns, abandoned space stations and doomed experiments of The Outer Worlds.

This sci-fi action RPG is from the creators of the original Fallout games and it definitely has that in it’s DNA but they don’t pander to it or get stuck in that style.

It is a wholly new experience with compelling characters, rich lore that avoids being pretentious and beautiful environments that you just love to get lost in.

Seriously, the vistas on the colony planets are stunning and with the emotive soundtrack by Justin E Bell pinkling away in the background, the experience is really arresting.

However, that isn’t to say that it is a quiet jaunt around, the action can pop off at any moment as you run into space pirates or the local wildlife.

The gameplay in these moments is dynamic and the different weapons are a blast to use.

The Outer Worlds has inherited qualities from the Fallout franchise in its writing and worldbuilding. There is a choice to be made at every turn, even in seemingly random encounters and side quests.

Choices have genuine impact and consequences. You often think you’4e doing the benevolent thing but it leads to a horrible twist of fate. This reinforces the feeling that you are a Captain Mal type space cowboy getting into scrapes in the far future wild west.

Sometimes your heroics won’t quite come off but you’ll have a shit load of fun anyway.