Although my early impression, my instant reaction to Devs is that it is a visionary piece of escapism.

Sci-fi show Devs which is playing on BBC iPlayer has very clear influences but it feels completely new and fresh.

I was gripped by the first episode. The writers take similar concepts to Black Mirror and injects them with David Lynch style surrealism, ethereal visuals and a haunting but beautiful soundtrack.

There is something spellbinding about the idea that these tech developers are uncovering the mysteries of existence.

Even more so, the high tech facilities where that work is done, planted in the heart of the countryside, as unreal though it seems.

There is something fascinating about the way they talk about the tech/software development that they do at this cult style facility being talked about as work.

Nick Offerman, who plays the boss, shows disappointment in one team because they aren’t pushing their work further, even though they used AI to literally predict the actions of a living thing. If he’s disappointed by that, what are they creating in the uber secret heart of the facility?

Check out Devs, drink in the Lynchian weirdness and high concepts typical of Alex Garland’s writing.

Pic courtesy of Film School Rejects